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Recess Dodgeball 1.0

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TJ has invented a dodgeball machine. It is up to you to score as TJ has invented a dodgeball machine. It is up to you to score as many points as possible during each round. You can score points by hitting any of the Recess kids or objects in the playground. Do you have what it takes? It's complete with the sights and sounds of a real playground. This is a desktop version of the original.

ABCBasics - Animals 2 matched in SoftList
Recess Screensaver 1.0 -  Recess Screensaver is a nice screensaver that shows the image of a beautiful dawn. The landscape looks like a canyon or high mountain which has a small pond of crystalline, moving water. ... (3/0) download
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Recess Riot 1.2.0 -  From the creators of the cult hit game Super Mega Worm, comes a new and fresh arcade game. Recess Riot is an unique and challenging Action/Arcade game comprised of multiple game modes.Jump! mode is a timing based jump rope game with a twist. ... ... (1/0) download
Dodgeball Ninja 1.0.1 -  The Ninja hates Dodgeball and will not allow his honour to be challenged with such a ridiculous sport. Help him in retaining his honour by assisting him in destroying as many Dodgeballs as possible. Destroy Dodgeballs in over 4 different stadiums,... ... (4/0) download
Training the DodgeBall 1.3 -  Let's training of dodgeball at after school!Dodgeball tournament next week againt class will be held.Today is special training of dodgeball with physical education teacher Mr.Goriroh (32years old, single) to get win and to appeal to Maddonna Mika.... ... (1/0) download
School Skills 1.0 -  This social skill app is appropriate for people with high functioning autism. The social skills are geared towards common situations that arise during the school day, such as: Conversations, Classroom, Cafeteria, PE Class, Recess, Playing games ... ... (3/0) download
Electric Fence 1.2 -  Strike up a fun game of electric splattering bugs at lunch during a recess break or if you have a hot date tonight, invite him or her to splurge in their own child fun of playing with bugs and swatting flies with the fun sound of an electric ... ... (1/0) download
Down Range Lite 1.6 -  Shoot your photos in the camera roll. Vent your frustrations or just have some fun shooting your photos. Check out the other apps from NHiGames Face Bender, Recess Games, iBabyPlayVisit for other applicationsKey Features:- 20 ... ... (3/0) download