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iMonitorPC BusinessPlus Site License 4.0.0
iMonitorPC Enterprise Site License helps you remotely monitor all the computers in the company. It records system usage such as applications loaded, chats, web sites visited. It includes website blocking, reports, screen shots, program usage rules.
Employee Monitor 2009.07
Refog Employee Monitoring Software is a powerful tool to address lack of employee productivity while protecting your company against security breaches and disloyal employees. Protect your company's assets with employee monitoring.
REFOG Employee Monitor
Enhance employee efficiency and enforce your confidence by tracking employee activities. Refog Employee Monitor tracks and records keystrokes, tracks applications and data, logs IM conversations, and records Web sites that they visit.

Red Pill Spy 3.0

Red Pill Spy 3.0

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Red Pill Spy is a discreet covert surveillance application. It allows you to see everything that has been done on a computer. You can view a log of everything that has been typed including passwords, emails, web addresses etc. You can also view screenshots of what the user have been doing and view a list of websites that was visited. It also secretly record conversations near your computer.

Red Pill Spy is completely hidden and can only be opened by typing a secret password or phase in any application like Notepad, Word, and Outlook etc.

Red Pill Spy can also send the data of everything that has been done to the Internet on a daily basis so that you can view the data without needing to be at the computer that is being monitored.

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