Remote Shutter - Camera Timer with Lens filter 2.1.0

Remote Shutter - Camera Timer with Lens filter 2.1.0

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Remote Shutter is the best and easiest way to take a better photo when you are alone or group photo. Remote Shutter allow you to connect your iPhone, iPod, and iPad using one as camera and one as remote to see live stream preview.
You will never be left out of the frame any more.

- iOS5 Supported
- Connect 2 devices use one as camera and one as REMOTE.
- Bluetooth connection, no need internet connection you can take a shot while you are outdoor.
- LIVE PREVIEW STREAM, remote sees what camera see(available in full version).
- FILTER, customize photo with color and filter(available in full version).
- Full-Featured Camera DSLR design.
- Front/Rear Camera.
- Photo Quality adjust Low, Medium, Hight.
- Auto Focus on/off
- Auto White Balance on/off
- Exposure on/off
- Flash light and Torch for night shot.
- Multiple Shots(available in full version).
- Self Timer.
- Photo save in to both devices.
*For iPad1 the app work great for remote(receiver), you can live preview, take a shot, and adjust other function.

How to use
- Connect 2 devices by tap at Blue tooth sign.
- Choose your device to be Remote or Camera.
- Switch Your device for remote or camera in the blue tooth connection page.
- In Live preview you are fully control the camera.
- Put your camera device in right location.
- Look at live preview in your remote to adjust your location.
- Take photo
- Picture will save in to both devices.

In Full version
- Live Preview, you see what camera see.
- Len filter, with many color.
- Multiple shots, continuously take photo.
- ad free.
Changes: Performance Enhancement & Bug fixed
- Fully support the New iPad
- Bug fixed in Graphic issue
- Bluetooth connection improvement.

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