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Rainbow Web for Mac 1.1
Rainbow Web takes you on a fun adventure to the land of fairies and elves. Spider, an evil wizard, has cast a spell over fairy creatures and spun a web over their kingdom. Solve 60 puzzles to break the spell now and return the land to sunshine!
Mirror Mixup 1.10.0
Mirror Mixup is the picture puzzle game with a great new twist. Levels are solved by selecting areas of the picture and twisting them horizontally or vertically. Features 4 unique game modes, 125 pictures, 150 levels and 200 bonus levels !
Circulate 1.14.0
Circulate spheres around each level by spinning the entire level left and right. Featuring 120 levels and over 20sphere types. Great visuals with over 40 sound effects.

SB3 Cool Mini Dirt Bikes Puzzle Game v2.10

SB3 Cool Mini Dirt Bikes Puzzle Game v2.10
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Cool Mini Dirt Bikes Puzzle Game, Play for Fun.

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