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Copysafe PDF Converter 1.4
CopySafe PDF is the most secure solution for distributing copy protected PDF files and the only solution that can copy protect PDFs from all avenues of copy including Printscreen and ALL screen capture.
Copysafe PDF Protector 3.0
CopySafe PDF provides the most secure copy protection for eBook and PDF documents with the option of preventing sharing and expiry by hours or days from first use. Ideal for secure distribution by email, download, CD or displayed on your web page.
Copysafe Web 4.0
Copysafe Web is the most secure solution available for copy protection of web pages and images from all methods of copying including Printscreen and screen capture.

Secret Notes 1.0.1

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Password protection and industry-grade encryption ensure, that no one will ever know what's on your mind. Secret Notes will offer users an easy and safe way for creating and storing thoughts or sensitive information.

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Exquipass Password Manager 2.0 -  Exquipass is a password manager and keeper software which is the fastest and most affordable way to organize and keep track of all your IDs, Passwords and secret notes. ... (4/0) download
Codebook - Secure Notebook 1.6.4 -  Codebook is a highly rated secure and encrypted notebook application. It protects your secret notes, ideas, and personal information from unauthorized access by would-be crackers, malicious thieves and snoopy coworkers. Codebook keeps your ... ... (4/0) download
Secure Notepad 2.0 -  This app will let you save personal notes, contacts, and passwords as well as any other personal or secret information which will be hidden from strangers' eyes and securely protected by a password.? The app is very easy to use. All you need to ... ... (1/0) download
Notes Locker 2.0 -  Are you worry about your Notes security ?..Seasia with its fabulous apps is always here to help you out.Here presents an app named:Notes LockerHaving Functionalities:1. Notes Locker will make our notes secure from the outsiders.2. We can use this ... ... (3/0) download
TK8 Safe 3.0 -  TK8 Safe is a program designed to keep your information secure. The software has many features like auto-typing login prompts, password generator, system tray mode, unlimited folders, auto backups etc. All this in a easy to use interface. ... (26/0) download
AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe Edition 2.84 -  AllMyNotes Organizer - a lovely personal keeper! Keep every bit of your sensible info safely hidden away from prying eyes. Thanks to this app organizing ideas, docs, and storing password management turns to be a true joy :) ... (0/0) download
SuperNotecard for Scriptwriting 2.3 -  In SuperNotecard each scene is a card that you can shuffle and arrange on the screen. Press a key to edit any scene or drag-and-drop to link it to other elements in the script. ... (2/0) download
Hidden Identity Chicago Blackout 3.0 -  You awake with amnesia in a Chicago hotel room and can’t remember your own name! Who are you and how did you get here? You’ll need to keep your wits to solve this riveting Hidden Object game! ... (8/0) download
Pod Secret 1.0.1 -  Pod Secret allows one to store encrypted notes, medical vaccinations, credit cards, bank numbers, traveler's check, serial numbers, passport, driver's licenses, or any other data that you wish on removable media such as an iPod. ... (18/0) download
Secret Life PRO - SL Tac Toe 1.0 -  Protect your secrets and guard your privacy with Secret Life, the most secure way to hide and password protect your photos, videos, contact lists, and notes in this ingenious covert application. How it works: Secret Life is an app within an app. ... ... (2/0) download