Security-Cam PRO 1.0.0

Security-Cam PRO 1.0.0

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Security-Cam PRO is a video-based surveillance system for small businesses and stores.

Security-Cam PRO is the big brother of our iPhone app, Security-Cam,

It uses standalone networked cameras, and streams video and audio from tese cameras to your iPad.

The app is perfect to keep track of your storeroom, back entrances, odd corners of your store that is difficult to see.

Pair this app with the iPhone app, and you can leave your iPad in your office and bring your iPhone with you, to have full control while on the move or out and about.

The app is also perfect to keep track of your cabin in the woods and check the weather before heading up into the mountains. Don't just rely on the weather report to tell you whether it will snow, check for yourself!

On the console you can even bring up one of the camera images for detail inspection. The cameras comes with a built-in motor to allow them to rotate around, and you can control this from within the app.

The application supports up to 6 camera images on the front screen, and up to 12 on the console. On the front screen you can lock the cameras you want to keep track of, and let the rest revolve between all the cameras.

The app supports connecting to cameras over the internet, but please note that this requires careful setup of the network and routers that hosts the cameras. This feature allows you to check the status of your store when you're home.

The app also allows you to configure the cameras to send email notifications whenever something moves in front of the camera.

For security purposes, you can lock all the configuration of the app with a pincode.

The camera type that the application supports is FOSCAM FI8918w.

NOTE! You need at least one camera for this application to function properly. Without a camera, you wont get much out of the application.

For more information, check out the following links:

SecurityCam product page:
Youtube Video:

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