Sendible 2.0

Sendible 2.0

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Sendible for iPhone Social Media Management, Monitoring and Engagement Tools for Business

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The perfect app for managing multiple accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress, Blogspot and others. Sendible's powerful social media dashboard helps grow your business, monitor your brand and track results.


Monitor multiple streams
Sendible's Priority Inbox highlights the posts you should be responding to in a single, unified stream.

Update multiple social networks at once
Publish content to any of the social networks you use and update your blogs all from one app.

Save for later
Ability to save unfinished posts to be completed when you get back to your desktop.

Share photos
Post photos to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Wordpress and more.

Message scheduling
Schedule posts to go out at a time you choose or on recurring schedules.

Detailed reports and analytics
Prove the effectiveness of every piece of content you distribute. Sendible tracks just about everything including fans and followers, clicks, referrers, shares, comments and more.
Changes: Brand new version, with new features:
-Manage all your social media streams
-Access your Priority Inbox
-Social Media Monitoring
-Advanced message and profile reports
-Manage multiple clients