Simon Web Emory/Grady Paging 1.5

Simon Web Emory/Grady Paging 1.5

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Simon Web (a.k.a. simonweb or Smart Web) is the paging system for the Emory hospital and clinic system and for Emory staff and students at Grady Memorial Hospital.

Simon Web for iPhone or iPod Touch allows you to send pages on the go, without having to find a computer or use the rather cumbersome web-based interface from your device.


- Send pages to one or more PIC numbers
- Store an address book of PIC numbers for easy access
- Order your address book however you want


You'll need a cellular or wireless signal, of course, so it may not work in some parts of some hospitals.

The website's search functionality is -not- supported, so you need to know the PIC number of the person(s) you are paging. However, you can store favorite PIC numbers within the program and access them with just two taps, so you only need to look up the PIC numbers of team members and colleagues once.

Paging to groups and to numbers which redirect to private pagers (e.g. "the on-call ortho pager") is not supported.

Every page sent costs Emory money, regardless of the page's origin. Please continue to use paging solely for official healthcare purposes. Please do not use this program if you are not part of the Emory system.


Simon Web for iPhone and iPod Touch is not supported by Emory or Grady technical support. It was developed independently by Evan Schoenberg, EUSOM Class of 2009. I am no longer within the Emory system and I can not offer any support for the app. It continues to be available as a service to the community.
Changes: Fixed sizing of the Info button to prevent accidental taps on it when trying to tap the Add button
iPhone 5 Retina display support

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