Simple Life 3D Screensaver Free 1.0

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Simple Life 3D Screensaver, when activated, simulates a game of life. After installing this program, you can define how much time the computer will wait until it launches the screensaver, and if it should display the logon screen on resumption, through the Windows screensaver settings. The in-program "Settings" option will allow you to choose the effects color, the animation speed, the effects size and the background colors. It is possible to select an MP3 or WAV file for the program to play as background music when the screensaver is working. The program can also show the date and time, the frame rate, use a definable resolution or be set to quit on different actions. The free version remains free at all times, but it shows a notice telling you that there is an enhanced version of this program available for a one-time payment. Having bought the registered version, you will be able to customize the background colors, remove the startup logo and the ads, and you will become eligible for updates.

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