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SmartVizor Bill Statement Batch Printing Software
An advanced,stand alone,powerful and extremely easy to use printing tool that allows you to create templates with variable data by using a large variety of databases for Bill Statement Batch Printing Software.
WorldAcct Premier Business System - 3 Users 8.0
WorldAcct provides '4 Unlimited' After-Sales Support at free of charges for all clients including (1) Unlimited Training Courses; (2) Unlimited Telephone Support; (3) Unlimited Email Support; (4) Unlimited Online Enquiry Support.
BS1 Enterprise with Manufacturing 2015.0
Manufacturing, Distribution and Accounting Software: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders and Quotes, Manufacturing, Sales Analysis, and Bank Reconciliation.

Simply Track Pro 3.3

Simply Track Pro 3.3

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Simply Track , is an easy-to-use stand alone application that simplifies portfolio tracking and IRS Schedule D generation. If you are an active trader then you landed into right place and you need Simply Track for your tax reporting and portfolio analysis. Product is plain, simple, feature packed award winning software. You can use Simply Track in 2 ways.

1. With Simply Track you can import all your trades from various brokerage accounts and generate your Schedule D with a click of the mouse. Don't spend hours doing wash sale calculations for your capital gains tax forms, Simply Track will do it all for you. You can even export your Schedule D into .TXF format for importing into any tax software program that accepts TXF files such as TurboTaxOao and TaxCutOao

2. You can simply track your stock or mutual fund positions in multiple portfolios, even with various online brokers. Using Simply Track you can bring all account data together for monitoring multiple portfolios and watch lists with up to 30 different parameters, including buy & sell, gains & losses, net gain & wash sales as well as total portfolio values for both long and short positions. Note that the IRS requires (and Simply Track reports!) all wash sales including those inadvertently accrued across portfolios. You can also generate reports like individual Stock Gain/Loss, Asset Allocation, Sector Allocations and much more.

Accurately calculates wash sales.
Supports many online brokers. Most cases it is a direct import from your broker account. No need for reformatting your trade history.
Handles an unlimited number of transactions (unlike other stock tracking programs).
Adjusts your stock splits automatically so that you don't need to do this by hand.
Automatically does FIFO trade matching to satisfy IRS wash sale requirements
Automatically creates a Schedule D-1 attachment and prints this IRS form for submitting along with your other Federal forms.
Export your Schedule D Gains & Losses report in TFX format so that you can use it for electronic filing and for importing into TurboTaxOao, TaxCutOao or similar programs.
Simply Track can import trades from a wide variety of formats including delimited text, ExcelOao, MoneyOao and QuickenOao, or you may choose to cut and paste your trades from your online trade history.
Generates Schedule D-1 wash sale reporting even using imported data from previous and post tax years to accurately move forward wash sale adjustments.
Correctly computes wash sales for overlapping long term and short term trades.
Makes wash sale adjustments even for unequal numbers of shares bought and sold.
Automatically handles matching of short sales based on trade date.
MTM reporting

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