Smart Chef Conversions - Kitchen Calculator 1.4

Smart Chef Conversions - Kitchen Calculator 1.4

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Smart Chef Conversions will make life in the kitchen a whole lot easier by allowing you to use any measuring device you have handy, regardless of the units used in your recipes. With today's ability to get recipes from around the world on your computer you'll run into measurements that don't match the cups, spoons, bowls, etc, in your home. Now, you can easily convert these measurements within seconds so you don't have to run out and buy a new set of measuring tools or have to guess when trying to make a foreign recipe!

For volume and weight conversions, easily spin the two scroll wheels and dial in the units of the before and after measurements and enter the number in with the keypad. We've also provided quick-buttons at the top for fractional amounts which will add the specified fraction to the amount already entered into the box. Click on the 'Convert' button and receive your answer! This app also converts temperatures as well between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Volume and Weight Units converted in this app:

Fluid Ounce
Cubic Inch
Teasppon UK
Tablespoon UK
Fluid Ounce UK
Gill UK
Pint UK
Quart UK
Gallon UK

Smart Chef Conversions will help you follow your recipes accurately so the next time you make it, it will taste exactly the same! Please, see our other cooking app, Smart Chef Substitutions, which will help when you run out of an ingredient and need a fix.

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