SMARTalk 1.2

SMARTalk 1.2

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SMARTalk is a VoIP application for Smartphones which allows you to save money when making calls. You can reduce call charges to mobiles and fixed phone lines by using a 050 phone number.

(You will need to apply for the IP-Phone SMART service using SMARTalk.)

[SMARTalk Features]
-Optimal settings are pre-configured
The SMARTalk application has been pre-configured to use the IP-Phone SMART service. You can use it simply by entering your SIP account information and password.

The SMARTalk application can cut out the background noise that is picked up during a phone call for a clearer conversation.

-Call Recording
You can record and play back the calls that have been made with the SMARTalk application.

-Battery use can be reduced
The SMARTalk application can receive phone calls by push notification even if the application is not running in the background. Having the application run only when needed saves on battery life!
(The push notification may delay depending on the network situation.)

[Main Features of SMARTalk]

-050 IP phone number
-Answer phone service with notification sent automatically to the email address of your choice
-Push notification. Theres no need to start-up the application or keep it running constantly -Call recording
-Mute, speaker and hold options
-Speed dial
-Customize your ringtone
-Supports Bluetooth

[Additional Notes]
It is not possible to make calls to the following numbers with this service

-Calls to emergency numbers (110, 119)
-Free dial numbers (0120)

(Please read the terms and conditions regarding the use of this application.)
Changes: - Show the account number is the phone number already set to user's application.

- When free 050 call applies to the number user is dialing, it shows up the "free call" icon on users display.

- Press the "+" button to start internati

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