Soap Opera Dash Game 3.0

Soap Opera Dash Game 3.0
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Fame, love triangles, and drama hit the set of DinerTown in Soap Opera Dash, a Time Management game that pokes a little fun on the daytime soapie scene. Years of working on her script in Flo's Diner has finally paid off - Rosie gets her big break, but her very own soap, As The Burger Turns, won't be easy! Help Rosie run everything on the set, from casting the roles, styling the characters, and prepping the stage to produce the juiciest show in all of DinerTown.

Download Soap Opera Dash for FREE and enjoy:
- Experience the zaniest soap opera parody around
- Encounter your favorite DinerTown characters as the show's actors and production crew
- Prep the actors' hair, wardrobe, and makeup with fun mini games
- Handle everything behind-the-scenes, from delivering scripts, shooting the scenes and more

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