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Son hServer

Son hServer

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Publisher: Mikhail Shmelyov
License: Freeware
Size: 410.0 KB
Date added: 2013-03-26
Downloads: 366
Downloads - Last week: 0

The Son hServer application was designed to work as WWW (HTTP) Internet or intranet server. It can also be used to test websites on a local machine before uploading to remote server.


TE Son hServer serves client requests on a standard HTTP port (80). Main web document types, multimedia, VRML models, archives and other files are supported. When receiving request on directory names without terminating forward slash (/) the redirect to right address is generated. HTTP/1.1 protocol is supported (minimal instruction set).
TE Connection filtering in dependence of client IP is possible. Server side program calls are compatible with CGI/1.1.
TE Files with "hidden" and "system" attributes are not client accessible.
TE Two or more commas following each other in file paths are interpreted as one comma (e.g. /file..ext will be processed as
TE /file.ext)
TE INTERFACE is multilingual (yet english and russian). Real-time monitoring of connections, requests and errors statistics is possible. Customizable event logging (save in log file).
Release notes: New Release<br/>TE Now You can use PHP or Perl scripts as folder index (index.php*/.pl*/.cgi*). <br/> [ Son hServer full changelog ]

OS: WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64
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