Space Rescue v1.1

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Space Rescue is an arcade game in which you must blast asteroids and save floating astronauts. Never before have the lives of so many depended on so few. A distress call from deep space has just been received from a science station, the Argonaut. They've encountered an asteroid field and are in big trouble. The ship's hull has been breached and its crew is spilling into the ravages of space.In this hybrid of Asteroids and Choplifter, your mission is to save these helpless lives. Your years at the Space Rescue Academy assure that you are the right person for this job. Your ship is equipped with a heavy blaster capable of vaporizing the largest of asteroids. You'll need it to get through the field and retrieve the stranded crew. Once they're in, bring them back to the rescue base where their health can be looked after. Good luck, and be sure to watch for enemy craft -- this sector is notorious for UFO sightings.Space Rescue comes packed with 24-bit true color graphics, beautifully rendered 3D models, stereo sound effects, and high scores that can be saved for bragging rights. An advanced particle system guarantees awesome blasting effects.

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