Special Children 214 1.0

Special Children 214 1.0

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Welcome to the iPad edition of Special Children magazine, issue 214.

Download your free digital magazine to find out more about:
ADHD improve the social interaction of children with ADHD with occupational therapy-based intervention.
Dyslexia understand the prevailing difficulties at each Key Stage and make classrooms more dyslexia-friendly.
Mobile technology be inspired by the work of an award-winning geography teacher who shows how mobile devices of all kinds can take personalised learning to a whole new level.
Disengaged students discover how the Prince's Trust xl programme helps students who may be at risk of exclusion to regain confidence, self-esteem and the motivation to learn.
Financial literacy compulsory in the secondary National Curriculum from 2014, find out how some centres dealing with disadvantaged young people are ahead of the game, and which tools they use to teach their students skills for life.

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Multiply Me. 1.0.1 -  Finding it boring to multiply just numbers? What about multiplying toys? Learn how to do that with the app Multiply Me. This app is designed by WebTeam Corporation to teach children on the spectrum about simple Math skills in an engaging way.The ... ... (7/0) download
One 2 Color 1.0.0 -  One 2 Color is a vibrant and fun-filled learning game that brings innovation into special needs education. Developed by WebTeam Corporation, the app can assist both parents and teachers looking for an exciting way to teach even and odd numbers to ... ... (3/0) download
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Thermal Puzzle 1.1 -  Thermal PuzzleSummary:Thermal Puzzle is a cool puzzle game which is appropriate for friends of all ages. The game uses the gravity sensing effect, which makes the interest and difficulty improved significantly. Users can customize scenes by ... ... (2/0) download
Minus Drills. - Autism Series 1.1.0 -  This app is a fun way of learning and assessing subtraction skills. Minus Drills is full of vibrant colors and animations. You can select the way each math problem is presented on the screen in figures or as a word problem. The app is based on ... ... (1/0) download
Divide N Play. - Autism Series 1.1.0 -  If 8 students are made to sit in 2 rows, how many students will be there in all?A childs math skill is assessed and developed by asking and answering such questions. Divide N Play is a fun way of learning and assessing division skills. This app ... ... (1/0) download
2 Times Fun 1.1.0 -  2 Times Fun is a fun way of learning and assessing multiplication skills. This app is full of vibrant colors and animations. You can select the way each math problem is presented on the screen in figures or as a word problem. The app is based on ... ... (2/0) download
Music for children 2.0 -  Application Happy Baby: Good Night" was created special for babies. It uses an unique form of materials presentation, which ideally suit for the perception of children. Carefully chosen tunes will soothe your baby and help him fall asleep quickly.... ... (5/0) download
BloomingKids Demo for Animals 1.2 -  BloomingKids Animals is teaching software for children with special needs. The scope of the current programs includes: memory enhancement drills, a variety of basic vocabulary (common objects, colors, shapes, animals, etc. ... (7/0) download