Spiderman VS Kingpin 1.0

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The game is centered around a diabolical plot by the Kingpin, who has planted a bomb that will go off in 24 hours. Never one to reveal his true nature, he tells the citizens of New York via TV appearance that Spider-Man is responsible for the bomb. Spidey has 24 hours to find the keys necessary to disarm it and save the city. In order to get these keys, Spider-Man will have to defeat some of his greatest rivals; some of who have keys and some who don&rsquo;t, but he must beat all of them in order to find out where the evil Kingpin is. The game features some of his most classic foes: the Lizard, the Sandman, the evil symbiote Venom, Doctor Octopus, Electro, and the Hobgoblin. Spidey must remain focused on the task at hand, he only has one day to disarm the bomb and save the city. The control in the game is simply amazing. All of Spidey&rsquo;s abilities can be done via the simple three-button control scheme. You shoot webbing with the A button, which has many variations. You can swing on the webbing, make a web shield or bolo that spreads across a wider area than a regular shot of webbing. You can also make a continuous stream of webbing that encases an adversary to the point of incapacitation. Given the game&rsquo;s liberal webbing system, this technique is quite effective at disposing of small-time foes. Hand-to-hand combat is handled with the B button and you can punch or kick others until they're knocked senseless. There are various techniques you can use by simply incorporating the webbing, and/or the hand-to-hand combat. You can tie up your foe with a shot or two of webbing to secure them in their place, then punch or kick them, or you can also simply punch them out. Doing this, however, equates to an unnecessary risk as opposed to just tying them up. The latter method is more risky, but, it disposes of foes in a faster fashion if executed correctly. The C button is used to jump; you can simply jump from place-to-place, or you can do a jump kick to get to where you want to go. This adds some security for when you jump towards enemies.

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