Stars Skies and Space - Ambient Environment Relaxation 2.2

Stars Skies and Space - Ambient Environment Relaxation 2.2

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Publisher: LOLriffic Stuff
License: Shareware
Size: 113.0 MB
Date added: 2014-11-13
Downloads: 18
Downloads - Last week: 0
Price: $1.99

If you've had a busy day and just want to take a break from the world, why not unwind as you float endlessly through a field of stars, or make shapes out of clouds as they pass by on a windy spring day?

With Stars, Skies, and Space relaxing scenes pack, you'll get 5 different ambient and relaxation environments to sooth your stressful live and melt the tension away. Each environment is themed with it's own soundscape or musical backing which makes it perfect for an escape like a white noise generator whether you're on break during work, traveling to school on a noisy train, or trying to get to sleep but can't block out the noise of traffic going by.

The 5 mesmerizing white noise relax environments include:
* Floating Above the Earth: Watch a distant star field shine bright over the world as you orbit in your own space shuttle station. Count the stars or observe the land and clouds floating by underneath you. Also listen to the tranquil soundscapes of an eternally endless space.

* Gliding Through a Star Field: Just like Star Trek's light speed mode, you can fly through a starscape watching the stars pass you by in their quiet parade through space and continuous tranquil soothing beat.

* An Eternal White Star: See the formation of space in this beautifully rendered CGI video of the glow from deep within eternity. A fully immersive and mesmerizing scene perfect to relax and take you far away from your worries, fears, and stress. Just a beautiful mix of colors dancing before your eyes.

* Watching the Clouds Roll By on a Spring Day: If you've ever sat on a hill watching clouds high up in the atmosphere roll on by, this will take you back to such memories. Listen to the wind carry the sky on by as you feel your stress fading away. A perfect white noise generator environment and video soundscape. Escape to a perfectly sunny blue sky day with your iPhone or iPod today!

* And Flying Like a Bird Through a Cloudscape: Picture the clouds whipping on by, the wind in your face, and the morning sun rising in the distance. Total relaxation. Another great white noise soundscape and endless video environment of floating through a field of puffy clouds. Words can't really describe it other than saying it's a beautiful, serene and at peace scene to pretend to fly away in your own plane to.

Each relaxing scene is peacefully designed with sound effects or soothing and tranquil musical backings and features endlessly mixed high quality relaxation videos that take your worries away.

And you can get this entire collection of relaxing stars and skies video and soundscapes for about the price of a cup of coffee or mcdonalds breakfast on the way to work. Think of the relaxation you can get over and over from escaping to these peaceful places.

Find time to enjoy these white noise worlds to relax in, spend time thinking about new ideas, or fall asleep to. Think of them like sound generators such as Ambiance or aSleep but with the addition of endless video scenes that fully immerse your sight and hearing senses. Don't just immerse your ears, take a visual eye candy escape too with this relaxing scenes package of video escapes.

Simply select a scene with the "Next" or "Prev" button, then click the preview to launch the endless video. Shake the device to return to the menu after viewing a scene.

It's recommended that you download this app via iTunes as it contains high quality video that you'll want to make sure you get a fast download of.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 2.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
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