Streetbrew 1.7.0

Streetbrew 1.7.0

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What's brewing in your neighborhood? Participate in location-based
micro-blogging! Use your phone to create and check-in to virtual walls. Each
wall is a pinboard attached to a location, where users can share a variety of

Streetbrew lets you forward your location-tagged thoughts to Facebook and
Twitter so your friends can see where you're hanging out and what you're up
to. Browse uploaded photos, rate others' contributions, and join in
conversations. Find or post promotions and events near your location. Best of
all, make money while you do it.

Like the sound of that? It's easy: When a business upgrades a wall on
Streetbrew, we reward the referrer and whoever created the wall to begin with.
To learn more, visit us on the web at
Changes: * Added enhancements to punch cards and coupons for guests and business owners
* Added Streetbrew Games related content such as Leaderboards, Teams, and Bases

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