Stupid Invaders v1.8

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(10Mb): 01 m 20 s

Stupid Invaders is an adventure featuring five strange aliens, one tiny spaceship, and a whole heap of trouble. After accidentally crash landing on Earth, Etno and his alien pals unwind from their latest calamity. With a moment break, the five hapless aliens find themselves on the run from an evil scientist, Dr. Sakarine, who collects aliens as a hobby. However, this evil professor and his hired henchman, Bolok, have plans for Etno and his friends, which include a comprehensive study of alien physiology. The aliens will have to do their best to find crazy solutions and escape the clutches and scalpels of the madman.Stupid Invaders sets you free in a cartoon-like universe, brought to life with amazing 3D animations and colorful backgrounds. Evade the aliens' evil pursuers in this madcap, highly stylized world with a high-resolution look.

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