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Tap GUID Generator 3.0

Tap GUID Generator 3.0

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Tap GUID Generator offers an easy and minimalist way to create, send and share GUIDs on your Android smartphone or tablet. A GUID (or UUID) is a globally unique identifier, a large number that is unique across both space and time, kind of a unique serial number that can be used on any item in the universe.

Tap GUID Generator is very easy to use: simply tap the Refresh button on the bottom of the screen to generate a new GUID. Use the Format menu items to select a GUID display format (standard, digits, braces, Base64, etc.). Tap the Copy button to copy the GUID to the clipboard in the current format, or the Share menu item to send it to other apps. (Try messaging a strange string of hexadecimal digits and letters to a non-geek friend or family member.)

For each unique identifier, Tap GUID Generator fills the screen with a different color shade, that is computed from the value of that ID! If you like the color, tap the Color code menu item to copy and reuse it in other apps or sites.

That's it! Tap GUID Generator doesn't waste your time, battery and resources, and only requires 0.00006 GB of storage. Its also completely free, has no ads, and requires no Internet and no permissions whatsoever.

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