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Stellar Phoenix Active Directory Repair 2.0
Stellar Phoenix Active Directory Repair is a comprehensive utility that repairs and restores corrupt Active Directory database (ntds.dit) files. The tool offers preview of all Active Directory objects prior to performing final recovery.
System Mechanic Professional
Make your PC run like new! Protect your data from malware and intruders. System Mechanic Pro combines 6 powerful products to clean your registry, defrag drives and memory, speed up your computer, scrub personal data, and remove spyware.
Nsasoft Hardware Software Inventory 1.4.5
Nsasoft Hardware Software Inventory is a powerful network inventory software for home, office and enterprise networks. The software scans all computers on a network and generates complete reports about computers hardware and software.

Task Scheduler Pro 2.13.070507

Task Scheduler Pro 2.13.070507
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License: Commercial
Size: 14.5 MB
Date added: 2010-01-06
Downloads: 8
Downloads - Last week: 0
Price: $399.00

Task Scheduler Pro mass manages the change and reporting process for Scheduled Tasks in Windows. Task Scheduler Pro is designed for the administrator that is looking for a powerful no-nonsense Windows interface that allows both simple and complex scheduled tasks to be sent to large groups of systems in seconds. Both file distribution and job creation are handled in a single interface. Built-in deferred processing allows you to create jobs even for machines that are off-line. An automatic retry feature of the program will create all needed jobs as soon as the machine is detected on the network.

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