Thanksgiving Turkey Free. Collect Eggs 1.1

Thanksgiving Turkey Free. Collect Eggs 1.1

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(5Mb): 26 s
(10Mb): 13 s

Get in to this addicting greenish Thanks Giving Turkey Game!
Play as a spunky Turkey Runner! Be conscious of frightful Eagles!
Lets become a legendary Golden Egg Collector!

Help the Thanks Giving Turkey Runner to collect all the Golden eggs and score high at this addicting grassy arcade classic.

Slide your fingers to Run, Collect as much Golden Eggs also evade Eagles and Score High.

This egg collecting never goes the easy way like other run and collect games as escape from vicious eagle and jumping on the floating glides is more stirring. Lost it with Eagle or Valley will never make your Turkey hold its life.

-Excellent Greenish Striking Graphics
-Easy to Play and Compete to Score
-In-Built Shopping Store to buy Items for the Gameplay
-User Friendly - Easy to Learn the Game

Tactically use the devices you bought at the in-built store to lead your Thanks Giving Turkey Runner all the way through this Golden Egg Hunt adventure game. Make your Small Thanks Giving Turkey Runner more skilful in Egg Collecting and avoiding Eagle!

The collecting eggs will be converted into scores.

The lives are limited and you have to be watchful to earn as much score as possible to beat your friends.

Run and collect to experience this cheering and rich Turkey Egg Hunt gameplay.
Changes: Minor code changes

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