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Flexiblesoft Dialer XP PRO 5.2
Flexiblesoft Dialer is a Professional phone dialing system. Connect, Reconnect & Redial, and Disconnect from the Net easily, quickly, and even automatically.
DSL Speed 7.1
DSL Speed is a prefessional tool that will online smart
optimize your DSL (e.g., ADSL, G.lite,IDSL,SDSL)connection
speed to MAX.

The am4zon browser 1.0

Download: Download Site 1
(512k): 23 s
(1Mb): 12 s
(2Mb): 06 s
(5Mb): 03 s
(10Mb): 02 s

If you like shopping on amazon, youOCOll love this simple yet effective web browser that removes all the clutter from a OCtnormalOCL browsing experience. it is a safe, simple and effective web browser designed for the best shopping experience on amazon ever! DonOCOt know about you, but I LOVE shopping on amazon. Enjoy this new browser and have an enlightened shopping experience,from now on! P.S. just ignore the errors while the setup.exe runs(and click ignore).
Requirements: internet explorer

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WinWAPX Browser SDK, ActiveX WAP Browser 2.17 -  The WinWAPX Browser SDK is a complete programming library for WAP Browsing. It provides full WAP Browsing capabilities both for manual browsing or an automated solution, and it is quickly implemented into your own software application. ... (8/0) download
Orion Browser Dumper 1.0.0 -  Orion Browser Dumper is a tiny program that will extract the total history of the Orion Browser into a single csv-file. Lunascape ORION is a simple, easy to use browser for Windows. ... (4/0) download
Maven Web Browser Plus - The most ergonomics friendly browser 3.50 -  Reinvent the Web Browser - Maven Web BrowserMaven is a web browser that supports extended features including save password, dual screen, user agent, Desktop-like track-pad support, bookmark jog-dial, reader, unlimited tabs and much more!!!Key ... ... (2/0) download
LuraWave Browser Plug-In -  The LuraWave Browser Plug-In is a de-compressor. It allows viewing of images compressed with LuraWave within Internet browsers. ... (67/0) download
ZipZap 3.1 -  The ZipZap Browser provides your family with a safe, fun and easy internet experience. ZipZap is Free to Download and Use. ZipZap Browser is a "managed-browsing" internet browser. ... (2/0) download
Clean Temperary Directory New -  Clean Temperary Directory is designed using the Java programming language in order to help you clean the temporary browser folder(%TEMP%).You do not need to give any input parameters for the program to run. You just copy this . ... (2/0) download
HTTPNetworkSniffer 64-bit 1.6 -  HTTPNetworkSniffer is a packet sniffer tool that captures all HTTP requests/responses sent between the Web browser and the Web server and displays them in a simple table. ... (1/0) download
WebCookiesSniffer 64-bit 1.6 -  WebCookiesSniffer is a packet sniffer tool that captures all Web site cookies sent between the Web browser and the Web server and displays them in a simple cookies table. ... (1/0) download
Weather Firefox Theme 1.0 -  The only browser theme that changes with the weather. Turns Firefox into a window to the outdoors! SEARCH: Our primary revenue source is BING. We will reset your default search engine when installed so please give BING a try! ... (3/0) download
Amazon Browser Bar 3.0 -  The Amazon Browser Bar is a free add-on available for Firefox 3.6 and higher and Internet Explorer 8 and higher. It comes with features (called apps) to help you search and comparison shop while surfing the web. ... (22/0) download