The Hidden Continent 1.0

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When Sarah Oldman, a British art restorer, learns that her uncle has apparently disappeared without a trace, her quest puts her on the trail of an ancient Mayan artifact. Her investigations lead her to a secret village in Central America that could be the key to the artifact&rsquo;s location. However, her quest is made all the more difficult by Miguel &Aacute;lvarez, a charismatic but cunning adventurer who has got his eye on the mysterious &ldquo;Pillar of the Maya&rdquo;, too. The start of a gripping adventure for Sarah! Comb through gloomy burial chambers, lost ruins and other mystical places as you discover mysterious relics. Master the many and widely varied mini-games like picking locks or mixing antidotes, and win medals for tracking down special objects. Solve the mystery surrounding the mysterious Blood King and one of the greatest treasures of all times!

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