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MobiKin Doctor for iOS (Mac Version) 1.0.3
MobiKin Doctor for iOS (Mac Version) is an all-in-one third-party program to recover call history, text messages, contacts, photos and more from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch easily.
MobiKin Doctor for Android (Mac Version) 2.2.4
Accidentally deleted something important on Android phones? Formatted your Android device without back? Don't worry, MobiKin Doctor for Android (Mac Version) can help you find all your lost data or files back on Mac OS X.
MobiKin Assistant for Android (Mac Version) 1.0.0
MobiKin Assistant for Android (Mac Version) is the World’s 1st quick, simple and safe Mac Android desktop assistant to help Android fans to manage or control their mobile phone or tablets data in an unbelievable way.

Time Teleport 1.1

Time Teleport 1.1

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Time Teleport provides you with a birds eye view of time: Anytime, Anywhere.

Let's face it: time zones suck. When will it be 6PM in Stockholm in New York time? What time will it be in Los Angeles at 8AM in Sydney? Oh wait, Daylight Savings starts tomorrow but not in Tokyo?

Sure, you could just add up the hours in your head, like you've always been doing, but with Time Teleport, you can just swipe your way through time and find the answer in an instant.

- See the current hour, in multiple time zones, all in sync. We've got the basics covered.
- Simple scroller interface for navigating forwards/backwards through time.
- We know it's fun to scroll away and be adventurous, so just tap on the top to get back to the present time.
- Customize the time zones to fit your needs.
- Day and night visualization for each scroller.
- 12 or 24 hour time format, based on your iOS regional settings.
- Daylight Savings and other weirdities are handled seamlessly. Transitionary hours are repeated or skipped as necessary.
- Live in Central Australia, or another non-integral time zone? We've got you covered! (Timezones with 15 or 30 minute offsets)
- Never miss another online meeting again.

We love your feedback. Shoot it all to or catch us on Twitter @NoLimitZone so we can get back to you!

Changes: - Added iOS 5.1 support!
- Fixed bug where current hour wasn't being updated over time.
- Fixed the minutes part of timezones that have 15 or 45 minute offsets being shown the wrong way around. (e.g., Kathmandu, Nepal and Eucla, Australia)

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