Timer Cam HD 3.1

Timer Cam HD 3.1

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(512k): 01 m 17 s
(1Mb): 39 s
(2Mb): 20 s
(5Mb): 08 s
(10Mb): 04 s

Timer Cam HD is the easiest way to take pictures with a self-timer. All people in your pics will have smiles on their face when they hear funny sounds right before pic is taken. How cool is that?

Universal app. Download it once and use it everywhere
Simple and effective controls
Selectable timer delay (select any number from 0 - 30 seconds)
Hear beep for every second countdown
Hear final 2 seconds countdown long beep effect
See numbers counting down
At 0 secs pics are taken right away
Select from 20+ funny sounds!
Funny sounds run 4 secs before picture is taken
Selectable flash mode (Auto, On or Off) (Not available on iPads or iphones 3GS)
Support the front camera (Available with devices with front cam)
Automatically photos are saved to your photo album
No annoying Ads!
No Time Limit!
No In-App purchases!
No watermark over your photos!

* NOTE: * If you cannot save photos on iOS 6, please change the privacy setting.
Open Settings -> Privacy -> Photos
Turn on the "Timer Cam HD"

Produced By SixAxis LLC
For any questions or concerns contact our support at info@six-axis.com
Changes: - Added support for iPhone 5
- Fixed bug with ipad that didn't show controls when ipad was in landscape mode

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