Timesly 1.2

Timesly 1.2

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Timesly is the first face-detection time clock app that allows employees to clock in and out using FaceCheck, Its super simple put an iPad or iPad Mini near your company door and watch the magic happen as employees clock in or out with their own code and Timeslys one-of-a-kind FaceCheck technology. Using the iPads camera, Timesly FaceCheck snaps a quick photo of each person checking in or out to ensure buddy punching at your company is a thing of the past. Sorry, cheaters your jig is up.

With Timesly, your companys administrators will be given access to simple, data-rich, week-by-week statistics of each worker that can even be filtered by department or workgroup.

Break it down for me now:
Employee enters ID number, clocks IN or OUT
Employee smiles pretty for the camera
FaceCheck snaps a shot and records time
Screenshot shows a successful recording
Statistics sent to administration
BAM! That was easy.

Changes: Support for iOS7.