Tips HD Pro Free - Easy Tip Calculator 1.4

Tips HD Pro Free - Easy Tip Calculator 1.4

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Tips HD Pro Free has an integrated calculator to let you easily calculate tips, split the bill and save the results for future reference (perfect for expense reports!). Tap the Enter button for a quick summary view. This version is ad-supported.

Easy to Use

- Input your subtotal, tax, percent tip, and number of people to split using a simple to use input keypad.
- The tip amount and total is calculated for each person as you type.
- You can also directly enter in the tip amount, and then the tip percent is back-calculated.
- In the Settings page (accessible from the Quick Summary View), you can choose whether or not the amount that you enter in the Tax amount, is included in the Tip percent calculation. In either case, the tax is included in the total and split up by the number you enter in the Split box.

Quick Summary View

- Tap Enter to reveal a large, easy to read Quick Summary View that you can pass around to others in your group to show everyone what they owe, and what the total bill is.
- The details of the bill are still visible above the Quick Summary View for those who want to see the detailed numbers for themselves.

Tip Tape

- From the summary view, tap Save to save your tip calculation to the Tip Tape.
- Each tip calculation that you save is Time-Stamped so that you can keep track of your tips.
- Each tip calculation can also be labeled so that you can remember what the tip was for.

Changes: - Allows more decimal places for tax when entered as a percent.

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