TNT Face Detection 1.2

TNT Face Detection 1.2

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TNT Face Detection is an overview of the paper "Ego-Motion Compensated Face Detection on a Mobile Device" on iOS devices. TNT Face Detection uses the camera and the gyroscope of the device to detect faces in real time. It uses a boosting based face detection algorithm and in contrast to other algorithms the gyroscope is used to compensate for the device orientation by virtual compensation of the camera ego-motion

The app contains a demo mode, switching from the proposed algorithm to a traditional one without fusion of inertial sensors and face detection. TNT Face Detection also contains the paper "Ego-Motion Compensated Face Detection on a Mobile Device" by Bjrn Scheuermann, Arne Ehlers, Hamon Riazy, Florian Baumann and Bodo Rosenhahn. It was presented at the seventh IEEE Workshop on Embedded Computervision (ECVW) in 2011.

The App has been developed by Bjrn Scheuermann, Arne Ehlers, Hamon Riazy, Florian Baumann and Bodo Rosenhahn at the Institut fr Informationsverarbeitung (TNT), Leibniz Universitt Hannover (LUH).
Changes: - bugfixes for the iPad version

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