Touch Waves 2.9.1

Touch Waves 2.9.1

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Touch Waves is an educational application helpful for a high-school or university course of wave physics.
It contains not only a memorandum of the basic equations, but it also contains approximately thirty animations (some in 3D) illustrating the various concepts of wave physics.

70 screens of wave physics!

For teachers !! Connect your iPad to a video projector and show the animations to your students in classroom.
List of covered subjects:

Vibration: Harmonic oscillator, damped oscillator, driven oscillator.
Wave on strings: Introduction, reflection and transmission, standing waves.
Acoustics: Introduction, reflection and transmission, Doppler effect.
Optics: Geometric optics, wave optics, polarization, reflection and transmission, interference, diffraction, Doppler-Fizeau effect.

Each section contains at least one animation.

List of animations:

Motion of harmonic oscillator,
Motion of damped oscillator,
Motion of driven oscillator,
Progressive transversal wave,
Reflection and transmission on string,
Standing waves on string,
Progressive longitudinal wave,
Beating wave,
Acoustic Doppler effect,
Snell-Descartes law,
Law of spherical interface,
Law of thin lens,
Law of thick lens,
Law of spherical mirror,
Geometric aberration,
Chromatic aberration,
Visible spectrum,
Electromagnetic wave in 3D,
Electromagnetic spectrum,
Absorption and emission of photon,
Types of polarization,
Types of polarization in 3D,
Fresnels coefficients,
Reflection and transmission in 3D,
Interference in 3D,
Young's interferometer,
Michelson's interferometer,
Fabry-Prot interferometer,
Diffraction by rectangular aperture,
Diffraction by circular aperture.
Changes: - bug correction in diffraction animations,
- General improvement.

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