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Nihuo Web Log Analyzer for Mac OSX 4.06
By telling you where your web site visitors come from, which pages are most popular, and which search engine phrases brought visitors to your web site, you can make your site a more effective sales machine.
KernSafe iSCSI Target 1.38
KernSafe iStorage Server is an advanced and powerful, full-featured software-only iSCSI Target Server for Microsoft Windows (both commercial and free versions).
iStorage Server 3.0
KernSafe iStorage Server is high availability and high performance iSCSI SAN software for Microsoft Windows (both commercial and free versions are available).

Visual SQLTools 2010 Professional 10.1.7

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Common Database and SQL development tools, Supported 7 types of common database (Oracle, SQLServer, DB2, Sybase, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Access) and 11 kinds of international languages (English, Chinese, Japanese, French, German etc.). This application was developed and completed using .NET Framework 2.0 and .NET Data Provider.

Has many practical features with the original in the table structure view, field search, table data editing, test data generation, data import and export, SQL visual editing, executing , formating, conversion etc. most commonly used database operations. For example: Project-based DB connection management mode, Tables, fields plural match and the entire database search, Record batch update feature. Differentiation of data import feature, Data Association feature, SQL comments add functionality, SQL and program code conversion etc.

Has a strong secondary development function, provide a rich interface and underlying database support. Supports two modes of secondary development(Use C # or VB.NET programming, and XML configuration to achieve), Using XML configuration can easily generate realistic project standard SQL statements (supports multi-table related query), the program code (Java, VB.NET, C #, etc.), Using Programming can be achieved Complex functions such as create table statements, design documents, forms, report generation, or many other custom features.


TE Supports 11 kinds of languages and 7 types of common database
TE Management of project-based model parameter configuration, secondary development, DB connections
TE Support import project DB design document(When using the table/field logic name.)
TE Supports a variety of tables, fields display mode (by ID, by name, by ID + name + type).
TE Strong table, field retrieval functions (to support a logical name, according to field attributes, complex and combined search terms)
TE Rich list, get a copy of the field mode (support custom copy format)
TE Free to choose the table to edit the field, set the fixed columns, hide / show columns.
TE Set the record selection criteria (or choose to support SQL statements set the filter conditions)
TE Support for portrait mode editing records, or may choose to record vertical editing.
TE Paste multiple records to support additional operations, support export data into a SQL statement format
TE Data custom build (can be set to increment the value, select the value, random value, field value, NULL value ratio, range, etc.), support for a batch update field
TE SQL editor supports automatic pop-up when the list of tables and fields, and can search for and filter the list further
TE Irregular formatting SQL statements in support of same multiple SQL format
TE SQL comment to add, you can add simple or more types of two Comments
TE ID and logical name of the mutual conversion.(When using the table/field logic name)
TE SQL and program code interchangeable
TE Support the direct implementation of the SQL prepared by the logical name
TE Custom build SQL statements, generate code and documentation to support two SQL format
TE Code, design document, document generation and other custom generation function
TE SQL custom build configuration screen
TE Custom code generation configuration screen
TE Second development project files and debugging deployment tools
TE Support for import / export tool for all the configuration information and the secondary development of the class, relaxation and team members to share and synchronize the environment.

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