Water My World 1.0

Water My World 1.0

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Want to see your world with water? This app allows you to see water effects in your world through iPhone camera.

1. Use camera to see water effect in realtime.
2. Tap or swipe the screen to create water ripples and waves
3. Moving water background simulation can be enabled or disabled in settings
4. Pick background images from photo library
5. Fade in slide show for change backgrounds
6. Select subset of photo library of your choice
7. Random ripples can be enabled or disabled in settings
8. Take video of the water effect in your iPhone (iPhone and iOS 5 above only, check your iOS version before purchase, not supported in iPad)

1. iOS devices iPhone 3GS and after (iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, etc.), or equivalent iPod touch, or iPad 1st generation and after.
2. iOS 4.0 or above

1. Double tap to show settings button
2. Reduce detail level setting if you found the frame rate is low for your device, especially for early generations of iOS devices such as iPhone 3GS.
3. Enable moving background and random ripples in settings of your choice

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