Wave Cam 1.0.3

Wave Cam 1.0.3

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Celebrating for Blux camera Pro being selected in App store "Essential Photography 101".

***Introducing Wave Cam!! -- The HOTTEST NEW THING in photo fashion!!***

**Now you can take full-length portraits, fun group shots, and realistic modeling sessions HANDSFREE!!**

Its simple! Just place your device anywhere you like, make sure its stable, then wave at the motion sensor to start the timer and strike a POSE! Now youre the photographer AND the model. Wave Cam also features background music, fabulous filters and a real photographers voice to encourage and guide you through your photo shoot.

No more having to hold your device to take self-portraits, choosing a friend to hold the camera or asking a stranger to take your picture. Whether alone or with friends, Wave Cam has the only photographer youll ever need right inside your purse... and that photographer is YOU!!

***Wave and Pose gives you photographic freedom... just WAVE. POSE. REPEAT!!***
Changes: 1. iOS7 and iPhone5s compatible
2. Fixed a crash when taking pictures.
3. Designed new iOS7-style icon.

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