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WebCalendar 2.9.0

WebCalendar 2.9.0

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WebCalendar is a web-based calendaring and scheduling system for managing personal, group and corporate events over the internet. It is a full featured online application that allows you to keep track of your personal appointments, group projects, company meetings and resources reservations. It offers you a reliable, platform independent, real time scheduling solution for small-to-medium sized organizations, providing you with a centralized source for all your scheduling needs.

WebCalendar supports a rich set of business class features, including proprietary features like corporate calendar and calendar dependency. It includes a calendar server, an email reminder system, a task manager, a diary system, a contact list manager and a notes manager.

WebCalendar is a CGI application written in Perl. It is intended to run under a mod_perl enhanced Apache server. However, any other web server capable of running perl cgi applications can be used.

WebCalendar is known to have been succesfully deployed on Windows98/NT/2000, Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD and OS-X.

WebCalendar is free. It is an open source software covered by the Gnu General Public License.


<em>Real time scheduling</em> -- Any event added to your calendar is immediately available to all its viewers, keeping scheduling conflicts at a minimum.

<em>LDAP Support </em>-- Support LDAP authentication and LDAP addressbook lookup.

<em>Multiple View</em> -- Display day , week , week banner, month , year (compact) views of calendars. In week view and detailed or banner day view, webCalendar also displays a free/busy time table. Schedule events on a open time slot takes only one click. WebCalendar also provides a detailed list view, a summarized fancy list view and a polished, detailed fancy list view.

<em>Overlaid Calendars</em> -- Combine and view serval calendars simultaneously, making schedule conflict resolution a total ease.

<em>Category Filtering</em> -- Allow you to view events in categories.

<em>Drag and Drop Editing</em> -- Support drag and drop editihg on IE 5.5 and above.

<em>Highly Configurable</em> -- Offer an extensive list of calendar configuration variables. Options like date format, time format, timezone, working hours, colors, fonts and reminder settings can all be individually set/adjusted for each calendar.

<em>CSS Support </em>-- Support Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). One can associate display styles (font color etc) to individual calendars. Sample style sheets is included in the distribution.

<em>Shared/Group Calendars</em> -- Offer multiple work/meeting groups for each individual calendar. Automatically synchronizes meetings and todo projects with all workgroup members.

<em>Schedule Reminders</em> -- Notify members of upcoming events via email, popup and/or audio reminders.

<em>Flexible Events</em> -- Offer appointment, meeting, todo and special event types. Schedule single or recurring events.

<em>Attendance Confirmation</em> -- For group events, webCalendar offers an option to prompt invitees to accept/decline the invitation. Attendance information is shared among all invitees.

<em>Multiple Authors</em> -- Each calendar can have multiple editors and readers. Allow your friends to view and/or update your calendars.

<em>Security</em> -- Each private calendar is password protected. Furthermore, webCalendar offers three levels of event based privacy to protect your personal calendar entries.

<em>Public Calendars</em> -- Publish department or coorporative schedules like conference room reservation, department picnic etc. WebCalendar offers two types of public calendars, open or moderated.

<em>Conflict Resolution</em> -- Automatically check for schedule conflicts.

<em>Import from VCalendar</em> -- Allows you to import events from a VCS file, and to export webCalendar entries to a VCS file.

<em>Task Manager</em> -- Allows you to monitor todo tasks.

<em>Address Book</em> -- lets you to maintain your personal contact lists. Integrated email system let you send calendar events to friends with minimal efforts.

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