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Network Administrator's Toolkit 10.2
A set of network management tools designed for the corporate network administration. This toolkit consists of the two components that will monitor your corporate servers availability and performance and inventory user workstations.
netBerry 1.1
The complete set of network management tools in one box: network inventory, remote desktop, remote processes view, equipped with the standard tools like remote services management or remote Registry editor.
Internet Cafe Software 10.1.0
Antamedia Internet Cafe controls, secures, and enhances the running of your Internet cafe, gaming center, library, school or hotel public computers. The software restricts access to the system, desktop, drivers, folders and programs.

WebMail Assistant for Hotmail and Yahoo EMail 1.5

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(1Mb): 23 s
(2Mb): 12 s
(5Mb): 05 s
(10Mb): 03 s

WebMail Assistant dramatically improves your Yahoo Mail or Hotmail account! Save messages to folders on your computer, kill spam and easily manage your inbox, save space in your account and maintain a lightning fast address book that works across multiple Yahoo/Hotmail accounts. Mail merge lets you automatically send personalized messages to multiple people. Use email templates when you need to send the same information again and again (similar to "stationary" in Eudora). Use your Yahoo/Hotmail account for mailto links while surfing, and make routine tasks like composing messages much faster. Plus much more! Fully functional trial version and very low price to purchase.

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DynAdvance Notifier 1.2.348 -  Are you tired of checking all you email accounts many times a day to see if you have new email ? You need an email notifier. DynAdvance Notifier is a professional email notification tool for Hotmail/Gmail/Yahoo/POP3/IMAP accounts, with many ... (102/0) download
Desktop Fay 3.0 -  Virtual Assistant for Windows with Reminder, Email, and Calculator. It can remind you of events and appointments, send and receive emails, maintain address book and mailing lists. It has a simple yet handy calculator. ... (129/3) download
Chat Assistant 2.0 -  Chat Assistant for ICQ, MSN, Yahoo and AOL Instant Messenger is an amusing chat tool can make your chat more interesting. It is designed to automatically send the selected text to the message area box in the IM/Chat program e.g. ... (1/0) download
Chilkat SMTP / POP3 ActiveX Email Compon 4.3.1 -  A POP3 / SMTP email ActiveX component for sending and receiving email. ... (7/0) download
Secure Email Forward 4.0.4042.30099 -  Security is at an all time high for everyone and your email is no exception. Stay secure by keeping the content of your email messages within the boundaries of your systems. ... (3/0) download
NetMailBot 5.0.1 -  NetMailBot is the most powerful command line email client for sending and receiving email on the market today. It runs from a DOS command prompt, which allows it to be easily called from other applications. In fact, many of our customers run ... (19/0) download
C IMAP Library 3.1 -  The Chilkat C IMAP library provides an advanced API for downloading and managing email on an IMAP server. The Chilkat components and libraries have an established user base of approximately 20,000 customers. ... (29/0) download
Sperry Software - Secure Email Forward 4.0 -  Security is at an all time high for everyone and your email is no exception. Stay secure by keeping the content of your email messages within the boundaries of your systems. ... (1/0) download
Stereo3D CAT Assistant 1.0 -  Stereo3D CAT Assistant for iPad and iPhone will display Dashwood 3D Chart alignment data when iOS devices are on the same WiFi network as Stereo3D CAT. Please see for more details. ... (4/0) download
GY SiteMapper 1.0 -  GYSitemapper is free sitemap generator for Google and Yahoo. Put your website url and you get generated map in two formats. It easy and powerful. GYSitemapper is free sitemap generator for Google and Yahoo. ... (21/0) download