Where's My MIT Bus? 1.0

Where's My MIT Bus? 1.0

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Wheres My MIT Bus? Version 1.0

Developed by Alex Grinman
Brookline High School, MA

This app is intended for faculty, staff, and students of Massachusetts Institute of Technology who use shuttle buses to get to work or to school. It can help them decide if they have to rush to make the bus, or if they can finish some work or study.

The app's user interface is designed to be very simple and intuitive. There is nothing extra: you select your bus route and your bus stop. The app will then predict the arrival time for up to four incoming vehicles and you can locate the first one on the map. You can also save stops as favorites to ensure quick access at any time.

There are two optional settings. You can choose to go straight to the last stop you viewed, whenever you load the app. You can also turn on automatic refreshing of prediction times and bus locations on the map.

This app relies on information, including real-time GPS locations and arrival countdown information, for all bus routes. This App is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch, but it requires an Internet connection (3G or WiFi) to get access to MIT's partner, NextBus, who actually provides the real-time data.

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