WLMindset 1.0

WLMindset 1.0

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The Weight Loss Mindset is a collection of powerful, effective hypnosis for weight loss audio sessions. Created by world renown psychologist Dr. Randy Gilchrist, just choose the sessions that best address your needs, listen regularly, and boost your weight loss motivation, focus, and committment.

Listening helps your mind associate pleasure with eating right, exercising, and other weight loss efforts, as well as add some discomfort and pain to old self-defeating habits. And as your weight loss mindset develops, and as your habits and lifestyle improves, you lose the weight, and keep it off.

Each session is about 30 minutes and is professionally edited. Your 8 hypnosis sessions of The Weight Loss Mindset are:

*Session #1: Eating Less
*Session #2: Eating Better
*Session #3: Controlling Emotional Eating
*Session #4: Enjoying Exercise
*Session #5: Living an Active Lifestyle
*Session #6: Getting the Perfect Body
*Session #7: Healthy Life Balance
*Session #8: Aversion to Junk Food/Weight Gain

Come supercharge your weight loss journey now with The Weight Loss Mindset!

-Introduction Audio: listen to before starting your hypnosis sessions to get the most effectiveness from your hypnosis.

-8 Audio Hypnosis Sessions: Each 30 minute + hypnosis session works to help create and strengthen a powerful weight loss mindset to best battle the most common needs/challenges dieters face.

-Free Bonus Hypnosis Session: Enjoy a bonus 9th hypnosis session for installing today: "Mind Power".

-Progress Cam: Take part in submitting your before and after progress of your weight loss.

-Mailing List: Want to know when new hypnosis additional sessions are added to this app? Sign up for our mailing list and receive the latest updates and tips.