WORD PUZZLE for the SOUL 2.0

WORD PUZZLE for the SOUL 2.0

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*** Free for today! 5/27/2013 for Memorial Day ***

Word Gamers Rejoice!

Introducing "Word Puzzle for the Soul", This is a beautiful inspirational quotes inspired Word Game.

482 Inspirational levels
8 topics
Hours and weeks of Empowering Challenging Fun Game Play!
Internalize/Absorb Inspiring quotes better by challenged enigmatic Game Play!.

On the game board, you are given a quote by great men and women.
The tiles are shuffled and not readable. Your task is to put
the tiles back into their places and recover the original quote.

To reconstruct a quote, you must swap the letter tiles until you
get every correct words. The tiles can only be swapped vertically
in its respective column.

Once the original quote is revealed you level up!.

Be Empowered,Motivated and Inspired by these great quotes
from great minds.

This is your game, your Word Puzzle for the Soul.
Changes: iPhone 5 optimization

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