Word Salad (English) 2.0.0

Word Salad (English) 2.0.0

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The puzzle game "Word Salad" is about different letters that became mixed-up.

Your task is to drag and drop these letters back into the correct order.

With future updates new categories will be added.

The game is a mixture of crossword puzzles, scrabbles and Hangman.

The difficulty level varies depending on the word.

The puzzle is suitable for all ages.

The realistic physics engine will increase the fun factor.

Inserted categories:

- Animals
- Sports
- Food
- Cities

Expand your dictionary in the brain and solve the word puzzle.

Enjoy word search.

The game is ideal for people who want to learn English. The best way to learn is with fun and by doing! This app includes both methods and so it is a very good opportunity to learn english.

Any suggestion? support@nextwebgeneration.de

tags: male gallows learn english, hangman, words salad, word salad, english app, mysterious, advise, fun, word, word search, general knowledge, language, learn, word search, vocab Training
Changes: - Design improved
- iPhone 5 support

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