WorldWide Alliance 2.0.1

WorldWide Alliance 2.0.1

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Worldwide Alliance E commerce update is now available for your iPad!

We are proud to release our new iPad version, a version that is raising the bar and setting new standards for mobile E commerce.

Powered by well proven Worldwide Alliance e-commerce framework and coupled with most innovative UI designs, this application offers the best in global scheduling and pricing, booking and tracking, document management and other industry tools.

The application offers seamless and smooth usability for all its core features
Look up Schedules.
Look up Rates.
Make a Booking.
Track a shipment.
Smart Docs Document management.

Complexities of Logistics made simple, right at your fingertips!
User Authentication fix for Schedule Destinations
Restriction applied on members direct and indirect access to rates
Restriction applied on customers direct and indirect access to rates
Customer based rate list<b

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