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AnVir Task Manager Pro 7.5
Complete app that controls everything on computer. Monitor your system (replace Task Manager). Get rid of spyware and viruses. Enhance and tune up XP or Vista. Accelerate your PC and Windows boot process. Task manager. Startup manager.
Magic Utilities 2009 6.01
Magic Utilities is a cute program designed to make your computer clean and more stable.
Schedule Start Stop 2.0
Schedule Start Stop is a simple application allows you to schedule programs to run and close at certain times.

WX Smart Desktop X1

WX Smart Desktop X1

(512k): 01 m 01 s
(1Mb): 31 s
(2Mb): 16 s
(5Mb): 07 s
(10Mb): 04 s

WX Smart Desktop is a user-friendly and efficient software solution designed to provide you with a choice in terms of Windows desktop, as it also offers several additional functions that can help you increase your work productivity.

The utility is fairly simple to understand and work with. Upon installation, restart your machine or log off and back in again, and you will notice your taskbar has been replaced with a visually-appealing interface, that features a 'Menu' component, allowing you to access 'Programs of the User', 'Common Programs', 'Other Applications', as well as 'My Documents' or 'My Favorite Sites', from the corresponding sub-menus.

Moreover, WX Smart Desktop offers a 'Speed Mail' tool that lets you send mail messages to any address you want. All you need to do is enter your name and address, the subject, the recipient and the contents of your message, then press the 'Send' button. The email will be delivered almost immediately to its destination, and you do not even have to log into your account and use a web browser among other many features.

For Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-64 Bit).

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