X-Ray Heart scanner 1.0.2

X-Ray Heart scanner 1.0.2

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(1Mb): 08 s
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(5Mb): 02 s
(10Mb): < 1 sec

It's the most unusual way to impress Your friends and to show your beloved what your heart says. It's impossible to forgive such message because these words are coming from your heart.

Attention: the application has no X-ray. It's just the visual effect.

Instructions: Get ready for the meeting with your beloved beforehand. Start the application, open menu "i", tape your message. When you'll meet your beloved start the application and put a device to your heart - push the button "scan", when you'll see surprise in his/her eyes push the button "pulse" - after several beating your message will appear. Be original and don't forget to train at home in front of the mirror.
Changes: - fixed bug

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