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SQLite Database Recovery 1
To perform swift and easy SQLite data recovery from corrupt SQLite database files, download SQLite Database Recovery software now. It supports database files created by both SQLite2 and SQLite3, and save data into SQLite and/or MDB database format.
Parallels Desktop for Mac 4.0
Parallels Desktop 4.0 for Mac provides the complete essentials for an easy, fast and powerful way to run Windows on a Mac. Get Parallels Desktop 4.0 for Mac and make Windows programs run seamlessly, safer and more Mac-like with 50+ new features!
Odbc 4 All 2.3
Allows any application, including DOS apps and batch files, to easily run SQL queries using any ODBC data source, (Access, MySql, Oracle, Informix, ...) redirecting the output to the screen, an ascii file / table or a DBF table.

Yankee Clipper III 1.0

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Yankee Clipper III is an excellent tool that saves all the content copied to the clipboard like text, pictures, rich text, and URLs. This allows you to paste the items saved into any application. The program works in two modes: history and boilerplate mode, the main window shows them on the left. Each one includes text, pictures, rich text, all formats, and URLs categories. History mode has a limit of 200 saved items by category. When the 201th item is stored, the oldest item will be removed. Boilerplate mode is a permanent storage area. On the right side is the list of the items with their description, date, time, and parent. Below is the content of a selected object. From the configuration window you can set: run at windows startup, save history between sessions and set key shortcuts to open the main window or just check the global history without opening the main window. With this last option you can directly select any item and paste it from the actual window you are working. The program also installs an icon in the system tray that has a shortcut for the calendar utility that shows three windows of calendars that can be arranged by the month and year.

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