Zombie Bus 1.1

Zombie Bus 1.1

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Featuring a unique touchscreen gameplay concept, players take control of a classic yellow school bus by running a finger along the screen that actually creates the road for the bus.

Its a rescue mission to pick up the children and deliver them to school - all the while smashing zombies along the way.

Don't think it's all cruising though! As you make your way through the levels (all 30 of them), the bus route steadily gets harder and more interesting as conditions change and more obstacles are thrown in your path as the power of the zombie apocalypse gets stronger.

You have the ability at your fingertips to plough, explode, cannonball and smash the zombies with nitrous boosting power or just plain run over and crush them against all manner of obstacles.

With a comic book style take on the zombie genre, zombies lurk on the road, in the air with jetpacks and even drive vehicles at our fearless Zombie Bus hero.

Players gain points by rescuing kids, collecting medical supplies and squashing zombies. The ultimate goal is to not leave one kid behind and achieve a three star rescue and you guide the bus through the levels of varying terrains.

Scores are submitted to a game centre leader board to determine who is the legendary driver.

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Changes: Greeting Zombie Bus Legends! Here's what's new in this update:

* Enjoy the beautiful widescreen vista with iPhone 5 support.

* Performance upgrade for iPhone 4, with solid 60 frames per second on even the most zombie infested levels

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