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RuleLab.Net Business Rules Engine (BRE) 1.5.14Net Business Rules Engine (BRE) enables the separation of business logic from application code through building the business rules in XML. Create, share ... component. The Web-based Rules Designer is available for composing Business Rules via an intuitive GUI ... data template with the Rules, graphically build complex logical expressions, compose the ... (59/0) download

RuleLab.Net - Web Site Biz Logic Manager 1.7.0 -  expert systems and implementing business rules that will drive your web site. Consolidate your business logic in an easy ... share, and deploy your rules using the web browser ... project wizard. Add powerful business logic to your web ... (7/0) download
Web Rule ASP.NET Server Control server control that allows ... and execution of complex business rules. Using its web interface, business users can create rules by selecting options from ... unique for web-based business rule management. With Web ... (4/0) download
Smart ID Pro 1.2.0 -  according to your own business rules, based on functions and ... according to conditions -ID rules are saved as part ... list template -Assign multiple rules to the same field ... (3/0) download
SDE Db Explorer 4.2 -  development and testing of business rules, reports and general exploration ... (1/0) download
Flowtrix Designer 10.0 -  create forms, workflow and business rules through wizards and dialogue ... of IT developer or Business Analyst alike, you will ... methodology to deploy your business applications. Visually design and ... (2/0) download
TaxPro XBRL 11.4 -  Account using Taxonomy and Business Rules for Commercial and Industrial ... (5/0) download
IBM WebSphere ILOG Rule Team Server 7.0 -  Rule Team Server allows business teams to create, manage and validate business rules through a powerful web-based environment. Business users can manage the ... gaining visibility into how rules affect the systems that ... with the WebSphere ILOG business rule management system (BRMS ... (4/0) download

CUCM Upgrade Central 2.1 -  concert with a sophisticated rules engine, which provides an analysis ... (4/0) download
Sybase DataWindow .NET 2.5NET is a 4GL RAD ... helps boost performance of .NET application development by rapidly ... applications, easily incorporating complex business rules and delivering sophisticated data presentation. DataWindow .Net includes hundreds of built ... (2/0) download
DeKlarit 4.2 -  agile database modeling, declarative business rules, automatic code generation and ... data access and the business logic layers of your .NET-connected applications. The DeKlarit ... integrated into Visual Studio .NET. Why DeKlarit? - An automatic ... (35/0) download
Asp.Net Shopping Cart Lite Edition 2.0net shopping cart engine which will save you ... ... (27/0) download
Asp.Net Shopping Cart Developer Edition 2.0net shopping cart engine which will save you ... ... (25/0) download
Asp.Net Shopping Cart Professional Edition 2.0net shopping cart engine which will save you ... ... (23/0) download
AutoAbacus 1.1 -  a sophisticated scripting languages, business rules engines and for solving ... (34/0) download
ADMC 3.0 -  Customize workflow rules for reviews and approvals, schedule changes, enforce business rules in AD objects, and ... (353/0) download
FTMaster 1.4.2NET Framework based engine for editing, designing, creating ... based on Altsoft FTMBase .NET API which provides a ... (36/0) download
DB3NF Administration Console 1.3 -  maintaining application schema and business rules. It also provides application ... (6/0) download
Flat File Checker Beta 1.0 -  schema(XML) that defines business rules. The software can be ... (2/0) download
Digital-Clay Solution Builder Kit 8.7.2006 -  is a smart application engine for rapidly building first ... The Digital-Clay Application Engine has been used successfully ... tables, hundreds of automation rules, databases with millions of ... (2/0) download
Blue Ink 1.4.1Net software developers through Rapid ... level, n-tier, Microsoft .Net web application written in ... DBMS specific operations, a business tier for business rules, a service interface for ... (38/0) download
Irrlicht Lime 1.0NET wrapper for the Irrlicht engine. It wraps most of ... written in C#, VB.NET or other .NET language.Currently Lime is ... Visual Studio 2010 with .NET Framework 4.0. It ... (3/0) download
KREDOR Business Object Framework for .NET 2.0 -  In today's competitive business world, companies demand quickly ... systems that match their business model, are easy to ... future needs. Instead, typical .NET business systems take months, or ... (2/0) download
Business Game Builder v3.0 -  Allows you to create business games for corporate or educational business courses. Business Game Builder simulates running a virtual company, teaching business principles by playing a ... the theory taught on business courses and the competition ... and stimulates interest in business and economics.Business Game Builder has fully customizable business ... (118/0) download
Xml2PDF Workstation 2.5.6 -  WordML to PDF formatting engine. Workstation edition is tagreted ... command line tools. Microsoft .NET Framework based. Xml2PDF Workstation ... based on Altsoft Xml2PDF .NET API formatting engine and brings its power ... (8/0) download