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NIST (ANSI/NIST-ITL 1-2000) library 2.5 -  NIST (ANSI/NIST-ITL 1-2000) library. Version 1.0.Cognaxon NIST (ANSI/NIST-ITL 1-2000) library reads and extracts NIST (ANSI/NIST-ITL 1-2000) file format. The ... other information. ANSI/NIST-ITL 1-2000 is Data Format ... single NIST (ANSI/NIST-ITL 1-2000) file is able ... (4/0) download

MITCalc - Internal Spur Gear Calculation 1.10 -  and data from standards ANSI, ISO, DIN, BS and ... ISO 1328, DIN 3990, ANSI B6.1-1968, AGMA 2001-C95, AGMA 2001-D04, AGMA 908-B89/95 and others ... (91/0) download
MITCalc - Worm Gear Calculation 1.14 -  and data from standards ANSI, ISO, DIN, BS and ... 6022-C93 (Revision of AGMA 341.02), ANSI/AGMA 6034 ... DIN 3996, DIN 3975-1, DIN 3975-2 and ... (5/0) download
ANSI Screen Editor 1.0 -  The ANSI Screen Editor is designed ... and images by adding ANSI color codes to text ... want to create simple ANSI and ASCII art. It ... (12/0) download
Nordica Skis & Boots Collection 2014/2015 1.0 -  New Nordica 2014/2015 Collection Preview Product catalog and highlights of new collection aimed to professional users. Discover our world and get equipped! App dedicated to our sales representatives. Changes: New graphics and minor fixes. (2/0) download
World Calendar 2013-2015 1.5 -  iCould from 2011 to 2015, UK US extend to ... Public Holiday Occasion 2011-2015: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium ... (3/0) download
MITCalc - Bevel Gear Calculation 1.12 -  and data from standards ANSI, ISO, DIN, BS and ... 3971, DIN 3991 Kegelradern 1-4, ISO 6336 1-3, DIN 3965 Toleranzen fRr Kegelradverzahnungen 1-4, ISO 1328, DIN 3990, ANSI B6.1-1968, AGMA 2001-C95, AGMA 908-B89/95, AGMA 2003-A86/88, AGMA 2005-B88 and others ... (77/0) download
MITCalc - Spur Gear Calculation 1.14 -  and data from standards ANSI, ISO, DIN, BS and ... ISO 1328, DIN 3990, ANSI B6.1-1968, AGMA 2001-C95, AGMA 2001-D04, AGMA 908-B89/95 and others ... (110/0) download

MegaMatcher SDK Trial 2.0 -  WSQ format, ANSI/NIST ITL-1-2000, ANSI/INCITS 378-2004 ... (86/0) download
MITCalc - Pinned couplings 1.12 -  clevis pins according to ANSI, ISO, DIN, BS, JIS ... Graphite, TurboCAD).Related standards: ANSI B18.8.1, ANSI B18.8.2, ISO ... 8745, ISO 8746, DIN 1, DIN 7, DIN 1443 ... (43/0) download
MITCalc - Bolted connection 1.16 -  specialized literature and standards ANSI, ISO, DIN. Used standards: ANSI B1.1, ANSI 273, ANSI B18.2.1, ANSI B18.2.2, ANSI B18.3, ANSI B18.6.2, ANSI B18.6.3, ANSI B18.22.1, ISO 273, ISO 1207 ... (75/0) download
MITCalc - Bevel Gearing 1.10 -  Geometric design and strength check of spur gear with straight, helical and curved toothing. Application is developed in MS Excel, is multi-language and supports Imperial and Metric units. Is based on ANSI/AGMA and ISO/DIN standards and support many 2D and 3D CAD systems (AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, IntelliCAD, Ashlar Graphite, TurboCAD, Autodesk Inventor, ... (86/0) download
MegaMatcher AFIS SDK 1.1 -  MegaMatcher template, ANSI/NIST ITL-1-2000 and ANSI/INCIST 378 ... between MegaMatcher template and ANSI standards (ANSI/NIST ITL-1-2000 and ANSI/INCIST 378 ... (52/0) download
QMSys Threads & Gauges 5.7 -  G, R, Rp, Rc) - ANSI Pipe Threads (NPT, NPSC ... Threads (M, UNM) - Metric, ANSI and BS Buttress Threads ... Inch, Whitworth, ISO and ANSI Pipe Threads - B.A ... (5/0) download
Milano 2015 1.1 -  such as Expo Milano 2015. Our goal is to ... (7/0) download
Artistic Toolbar Icons 2015.1 -  Artistic Toolbar Icons is a new collection of attractive and eye-catching icons for toolbars and menus, representing all basic operations required for surfing the Internet or using various applications. The collection includes such popular icons for multipurpose use as cut, save, paste, save file, upload, 3d bar chart, Ok, no entry, USB flash drive ... (271/0) download
Perfect Security Icons 2015.1 -  Perfect Security Icons is a collection of royalty-free stock icons for use in commercial and personal products, including software applications, websites, blogs, and presentations. The icons have been carefully created pixel by pixel by professional artists. They shine with a bright palette of colors, smooth and well-rounded edges. Superb in their ... (175/0) download
Perfect Science Icons 2015.1 -  Create slick and professional scientific and engineering applications or Web sites faster and easier with a comprehensive collection of scientific icons. Perfect Science Icons include images of objects and symbols commonly used in various areas of science and engineering, such as Retort, Test Probe, Molecule, Structure, numerous mathematical symbols, ... (89/0) download
Perfect Telecom Icons 2015.1 -  Speed up development of communication products and services and enhance the usability of your new project with ready-made Perfect Telecom Icons. Telecommunications is a hot topic in today's world of global connectivity. The communications market is growing faster than ever. In order to be a successful player in this hot market, you have to be the ... (96/0) download
Android Icon Pack 2015.1 -  Android Icon Pack is a bundle which includes launcher, tab, dialog, status bar, list view, menu icons for Android interface development. Drawn in strict accordance with Android Guidelines for interface icons, the bundle meets the requirements for apps designed for Android 2.3 and later. Android Icon Pack includes pre-rasterized icons in ldpi, mdpi, ... (252/0) download
Perfect Table Icons 2015.1 -  Designing a usable application or attractive Web site is not an easy task. Drawing or ordering a matching set of toolbar icons is neither easy nor cheap. Save time on making specifications and drawing icons! Save money by ordering icons that are readily available! Get a set of matching toolbar icons, and empower your new product with modern, sleek ... (82/0) download
Android ListView Icons 2015.1 -  An Android application typically relies on multiple visual elements to function smoothly and convey important data to users, and ListView icons are an integral part of this collection of elements. Meeting the style guidelines for Android apps while also presenting users with an intuitive and appealing graphic are essential steps towards the creation ... (147/0) download
All Icon Sets 2015.1 -  All Icon Sets is the most economical way of getting a huge lot of stock icons. Assembling more than 200 icon collections dedicated to different topics, this mega-set offers a great opportunity to save. With more than 25,000 taskbar, application bar icons, menu and toolbar icons, graphics for ribbon UI and other control elements this set is perfect ... (123/0) download
Android Dialog Icons 2015.1 -  Develop Android apps faster with professional-quality Android Dialog Icons! These slick, high pixel count icons will blend seamlessly with the Android environment with their semi-translucent alpha channel. In addition, an extra alpha channel is included to allow you adjusting the visible depth of each image, making the icons appear more or less etched. (151/0) download
Business Software Icons 2015.1 -  Business Software Icons will be a perfect solution for any bookkeeping or accounting software. It provides an impressive collection of icons enough to encompass the whole world of finance. The icon set depicts various matters one way or another related to commerce, such as money, transport, making of reports and other documents, merchandise, accountancy ... (0/0) download