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Anti-Dialers 1.5Anti-Dialers is very useful software ... to control all the dialers configured in your computer ... so, it avoids harmful dialers to be installed that ... (13/0) download

a-squared Anti-Dialer -  PC with a-squared Anti-Dialer from manipulated dial ... dollars quickly. a-squared Anti-Dialer provides a complete defense against Dialers. Scan all files on ... connection, the a-squared Anti-Dialer will alert it. Dialers are small programs that ... (310/0) download
Dr.Web Anti Virus for Windows 4.44 -  Exceptionally compact and fast anti-virus solution for PC ... rootkits, worms, trojans, spyware/adware, dialers and other malicious programs ... analyzer of Dr.Web anti-virus allow to ?install ... (246/0) download
a-squared Anti-Malware -  a-squared Anti-Malware protects your PC ... dealing with Trojans, Worms, Dialers, Adware and Spyware make ... by conventional signature-based anti-virus software. These types ... (729/0) download
Copperhead AntiSpyware 1.3 -  AntiSpyware provides the best anti-spyware protection against spyware, adware, trojan horses, auto dialers, keyloggers, spyware cookies, adbots ... (23/0) download
SpyZooka Anti-Spyware 2.7.5 -  database, automatically update SpyZooka Anti-Spyware software on computers ... new spyware threats.Some anti-spyware programs detect all ... remove only spyware.SpyZooka Anti-Spyware counts each spyware ... (5/0) download
Telcomo 5.5 -  technology PC to phone Dialers For improved crystal clear Voice with New Anti block Technology for VoIP ... (14/0) download
Anti-Spam Blacklist Thing 1.1Anti-Spam Blacklist Thing lets ... up to 20 different anti-spam blacklists. Anti-Spam Blacklist Thing is ... email delivery issues, performing anti-spam research or are ... (451/0) download

Dr.Web CureIt! 4.44 -  is a FREE anti virus and anti spyware scanner based on ... of the Dr.Web Anti-virus. The utility supports ... Password stealers * Paid Dialers * Adware * Riskware* ... (89/0) download
Anti-Trojan Shield Shield (ATS) is ... and viruses, but with Anti-Trojan Shield you have ... (545/0) download
Anti Trojan Elite 3.8.5Anti Trojan Elite(ATE) is ... in disk or memory. Anti Trojan Elite provide a ... new malwares in time. Anti Trojan Elite has some ... (946/0) download
Dr.Web Antivirus plus Antispam 4.33 -  a compact and fast Anti-virus solution for Windows. Antispyware, anti adware and anti spam included. Multilevel protection ... worms, trojans, spyware, adware, dialers and other malicious programs ... riskware, hacker tools, pay dialers * Very frequent updates ... (49/0) download
OneClick Spyware Expert 1.14 -  to-use and effective anti-spyware scanner. It uses modern sophisticated anti-malware techniques and can ... viruses, worms, trojans, rootkits, dialers, spyware, and malware. Using ... the most well-known Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware applications on the ... (100/0) download
Dr.Web anti-virus for Windows 4.33 -  Fast and compact anti virus software used in ... highly-tuned mail-filtering. Anti spyware and anti adware bases included. Is ... Exceptionally compact and fast anti virus solution for PC. Anti spyware and anti adware bases included.Exceptionally compact and fast anti-virus solution for PC ... (34/0) download
Norton Anti Virus 2009.16.9 -  Norton Anti Virus 2009 offers quick ... slowing it down. Norton Anti Virus updates every 5 ... silently in background, Norton Anti Virus requires very few ... (419/0) download
Anti-Spam Software software solution 2.0 -  This is anti-spam software that is a great anti spam solution. Get back ... ... (54/0) download
Anti-Flu pack for Mac OS 2.0 -  contains the following icons: Anti-Flu folder, anti-flu users male and female, anti-flu world and anti-flu finder. Cryo64 Levit ... (75/0) download
NetDog Anti-Porn V3.9 -  NetDog Anti Porn is an anti-porn software. NetDog Anti Porn block porn web ... effectively and easily! NetDog Anti Porn allows you to ... on the Internet.NetDog Anti Porn can work with ... (17/0) download
ANTI-HOA Screen Saver 2.0Anti HOA against the homeowners ... (37/0) download
Jsoft Anti-Spam 2011 -  Jsoft Anti-Spam allows you to ... send you courriers.Jsoft Anti-Spam is free and ... (3/0) download
Anti-Porn parental controls parental controls -- A ... children from porn web . Anti-Porn filters out adult ... predatory language is used. Anti-Porn can work with ... (87/0) download
Anti Theft Laptop Cop 2011.13 -  Unique architecture of anti-theft laptop security software ... RECOVER YOUR LAPTOP Our anti-theft laptop software is ... with laptop recovery, the Anti-theft Laptop Cop recovery ... (34/0) download
Free Anti Spam Software - Email Remover 3.01 -  Remover is a free anti spam software that allows ... (14/0) download
Anti NetCut 3 1.0Anti NetCut 3 protect your ... other ARP spoofing tools. Anti NetCut 3 has the ... (57/0) download
---Anti Spam Controls 2008.5Anti Spam Controls guarding against ... and dangerous phishing attacks,Anti Spam Controls is your ... technology and detection methods, Anti Spam Controls boasts one ... (5/0) download