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Automatic Backup Manager 1.0.8Automatic Backup Manger v1.0.8 is a tool to backup your folder automatically according ... requirement.This tool can backup data to external hard ... can schedule multiple folder backup at the same time ... (30/0) download

Automatic USB Backup and Synchronize 3.0 -  An automatic Backup, Restore solution! Insert any ... clicks or keystrokes necessary. Automatic USB Backup is designed to do ... as humanly possible to backup your files. Why make ... (13/0) download
Norton Backup Online 2.0 -  Norton™ Online Backup provides automatic backup protection for your digital ... easy to use online backup that helps safeguard your ... other disasters. Norton Online Backup works with both Windows ... (4/0) download
Clickfree Automatic Backup 2.0 -  The award winning Clickfree Automatic Backup software for PC's is ... easier than Clickfree's C2 backup. Clickfree protects your data ... (2/0) download
SQL Autobackup Pro 3.1.0210 -  Used to automatic backup Microsoft SQL Server database ... SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 Automatically backup Microsoft SQL Server databases ... be used to automatically backup Microsoft SQL Server database. It can backup multiple databases simultaneously and ... (1/0) download
Handy Backup DVD 6.2.5 -  Handy Backup DVD is a powerful award-winning automatic backup to DVD software for ... storage media and can backup files to DVD, CD ... perform full and incremental backup, synchronize files and folders; has presets to backup Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows ... (10/0) download
BackupMill: Easy Backup Utility 1.0.0 -  BackupMill: Easy Backup Utility is an easy ... program designed for an automatic backup of your critical data ... (11/0) download
Norton Online Backup 2.0 -  Norton Online Backup delivers professional-grade, automatic backup protection for your files ... what you want to backup (certain files or the ... and when. Norton Online Backup does the rest. No ... (4/0) download

Mega-Backup 1.5 -  Mega-Backup is a smart automatic backup software for Windows that ... on any computer. Data backup is executed daily so ... (44/0) download
EzBackup101 1.0 -  point it to your backup drive (such as an ... Set up your own backup schedule if you prefer, backup manually, or just do nothing. EzBackup101 will automatically backup all of your new ... same time every day. Automatic backup guarantees that your files get copied to your backup drive and will be ... (19/0) download
Hide Folder Backup 3 -  Try this fully automatic backup software which only requires you to create a backup job and specify when ... be configured to run backup jobs on startup or ... (14/0) download
Gate-and-Way Backup 2.2Automatic Backup all your LAN's data each day Backup all your LAN's data in once. Automatic, Simple, Client/ServerEach day of ... have its own online backup, automatically copying the data ... (22/0) download
Iomega Automatic Backup 1.0.2Backup your files to an Iomega device. Iomega? Automatic Backup software backs up your ... protect and personalize your backup schedule and location(s ... software does the rest! Backup locations include Zip drives ... (907/0) download
PCSUITE BACKUP 1.1 -  PCSUITE BACKUP is the reliable fully automatic backup solution and and is ... and Chrome bookmarks, contacts backup of Windows from Windows ... Outlook and Thunderbird. PCSUITE BACKUP also includes the innovative function called “Automatic Pausing.” This pauses the backup automatically, if you need ... (2/0) download
ID Backup Manager 3.5 -  ID Backup Manager is a utility ... designed for registering an automatic backup of your vital system ... button. Main features: -ID Backup Manager makes backups for ... (4/0) download
PC Tools Simple Backup 3.0Automatic storage for photos, music ... hard drive into an Automatic Backup Solution. If you already ... the PC Tools Simple Backup software on your existing ... (2/0) download
My Workout Tracker 1.1 -  retina user interface * Automatic backup * More coming soon ... overflowing your timeline. iCloud Sync My Workout Tracker will sync all your data seamlessly ... (3/0) download
RealTimeBackup v3 3.00.240 -  files back from the backup. What and how often you want to backup, is specified in a backup set by yourself. And with predefined backup sets you have RealTimeBackup ... been connected. After successful backup, it may be ejected ... adjustable times for a backup: after certain intervals, at ... (72/0) download
BackTrakPro 2.0.1 -  is designed for an automatic backup of your critical data ... select the data, specify backup locations and you are ready to take backup. BackTrakPro is designed for an automatic backup of your critical data ... guides you to take backup easily without spending much ... (45/0) download
Backupper Standard 5.1 -  inexpensive solution for reliable automatic backup. Includes flexible schedule, advanced file selection rules and backup options. Professional edition can ... powerful and flexible data backup utility. It allows to easily create backup copies of important data ... old versions of each backup to ensure that you ... (26/0) download
AWbackup 3.1.0 -  Try this fully automatic backup software which only requires you to create a backup job and specify when ... be configured to run backup jobs on startup or ... (52/0) download
File Genie 2000 2.11 -  Genie 2000 is an automatic backup utility offering data protection ... More than just another backup program, File Genie 2000 ... Genie 2000 is an automatic backup utility offering data protection ... (14/0) download
Iomega QuikProtect 1.0 -  application designed to offer automatic backup for the data files on your computer, creating backup folders without interrupting your ... want the application to backup your files by visiting ... is that it stores backup files only once, which ... (13/0) download
File Replication Monitor 3.5 -  utility for real-time automatic backup, replication and synchronization of ... (5/0) download
Jungle Disk Workgroup 3.1 -  Workgroup Edition provides securely backup, sync and data access between ... your users - Robust online backup to protect your critical ... from anywhere - Multi-way sync keeps files constantly up ... (3/0) download