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BlueLivePro 4.1 -  phones within a Your Bluetooth Dongle range, all you need is BlueLivePro and Bluetooth dongle and a PC Main ... (5/0) download

Medieval Bluetooth Network Scanner -  analyze and scan your Bluetooth network, giving detailed informations ... If you have a Bluetooth dongle installed on your PC, download "Medieval Bluetooth Network Scanner" now, it's ... ... (404/0) download
Fexmax Bluetooth Marketing Software 2.0 -  Fexmax is a Bluetooth marketing software which you ... and multimedia messages over Bluetooth technology to mobile and ... and use a small Bluetooth dongle. Now you can start 100% FREE advertisement campaigns. Bluetooth and wireless marketing are ... (659/0) download
Bluetooth Advertising software 4.2.1 -  phones sold have been Bluetooth enabled because of the amount of applications Bluetooth can now be used ... 90% of people with Bluetooth will keep it switched ... Media have launched new Bluetooth Marketing Software so that ... (315/0) download
Bluetooth Promoter 24x7 1.22.0Bluetooth Promoter 24x7 is an ... to make advertising via Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth Promoter 24x7 provides free ... vCal, vCard) to any Bluetooth devices (mobile phones, smartphones ... (19/0) download
Bluetooth MAC Address Changer 1.2 -  MAC Address of your Bluetooth adapter. Supported CSR and Broadcom chip based bluetooth adapters. Both portable and ... (38/0) download
Proximity Promoter 24x7 1.25.0 -  for proximity advertising via Bluetooth connectivity (Bluetooth Marketing). Proximity Promoter 24x7 ... vCal, vCard) to any Bluetooth devices (mobile phones, smartphones ... computers) within coverage over Bluetooth. You can use "Proximity ... (500/0) download
Blunt 0.7.6Bluetooth protocol stack for NewtonOS ... Blunt implements a basic Bluetooth protocol stack for NewtonOS ... Connecting to a serial Bluetooth port and object exchange ... (32/0) download

Files To Phones 2.0 -  vCal, vCard) to any Bluetooth devices (mobile phones, smartphones ... computers) within coverage over Bluetooth. Does not require any ... PC, laptop) and a Bluetooth dongle. Absolutely any files can ... (1/0) download
Easy Bluetooth Advertising 1.0 -  Easy Bluetooth Advertising V1.0 is ... files to any active Bluetooth device automatically. It proves ... information of it via Bluetooth. Most importantly, it is ... (9/0) download
BT Promotion Free Trial 1.05Bluetooth marketing is a new ... phones and all other Bluetooth-enabled devices within a ... ... (3/0) download
BlueRent 3.0 -  install it ,connect your Bluetooth dongle and start your BlueRent ... (3/0) download
i.Xchange Mobile Partner - MT-A02-1 2.0 -  data cable / USB Bluetooth dongle is not included. ... (10/0) download
Pix2Gsm 1.03 -  device without an expensive bluetooth dongle. Most current mobiles are ... (21/0) download
BlueMarket CS 1.0 -  0 Bluetooth dongle Mobile phone with bluetooth connection For improved performance ... any mobile phone with Bluetooth connection - Linksys, Trust, MSI, TrendNET, BlueTake, AirCable ... BT dongle (Microsoft driver) NEW: You can force any bluetooth dongle to work with Microsoft native bluetooth driver! Vista requirements: - You ... Supported ... (10/0) download
Bluetooth Viewer 1.6Bluetooth Viewer is a small ... monitor the activity of Bluetooth devices around you. For each detected Bluetooth device, it displays the following information: Device Name, Bluetooth Address, Major Device Type ... you when a new Bluetooth device is detected, by ... (11/0) download
AirLive BT-201USB /BT-202USB 5.1 -  /BT-202USB is a Bluetooth USB dongle that support the latest Bluetooth 2.0 standard. That ... maintaining compatible with older Bluetooth 1.1 and 1 ... (16/0) download
Bluetooth Passport PRO for XP 2.0Bluetooth Passport is designed to ... for Windows. Using a Bluetooth device, such as a ... and password manually. For Bluetooth Passport is based short ... (7/0) download
Ride Buddy Pro 1.5.3 -  "dongle") or a compatible Bluetooth Smart sensor (iPhone 4S and later support Bluetooth 4.0). These ANT+ ... (4/0) download
Medieval Bluetooth OBEX File Transfer -  Profile (FTP), using a Bluetooth connection. Download, upload, explore ... (1344/0) download
Bluetooth File Transfer (OBEX FTP) J2ME 0.95 -  models today, with a Bluetooth connection. Download, upload, explore ... Search for any nearby Bluetooth device and read its ... (2842/0) download
Access RS232 devices over Bluetooth 6.0B -  BlueConsole is a Bluetooth Serial Adapter that provides true wireless Bluetooth access to conventional RS232 ... Redirect Software, enables BlueConsole Bluetooth RS232 device to communicate ... (1067/0) download
Bluetooth File Transfer Beta 1.0 -  This is a Bluetooth File Transfer application for ... * VoIP: Use any Bluetooth wireless headset to make ... (13761/0) download
TextBlue Bluetooth Proximity Marketing Proximity Marketing Software, This ... all mobile phones with Bluetooth enabled that are in ... organisations can benefit from Bluetooth Advertising Software including Car ... (4/0) download
Vectir WiFi and Bluetooth Remote Control -  and PowerPoint with a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone or ... shutdown. Vectir works with Bluetooth enabled mobile phones or ... (23/0) download